Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...



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Odaki Sushi 3977, St-Laurent Competitor to Kanda, as one of the two sushi buffets one can find in downtown Montreal. It initially edged Kanda by offering a large range of side dishes, such as noodles. The sushi isn't bad at all, but at the price you pay, you almost might as well go to a regular sushi joint. (CS)
Chez Jose 173, Duluth East They have a tomato and blue cheese soup on Thursday, and seafood soup on weekends. Bland, surely homemade. (CS)
Harmonie d'Asie 65, Duluth Est You won't find phở on the menu of this viet restaurant. The raw beef salad (seasoned w/ a lemon + pepper dressing) and the fish with a sweet fish sauce are must-trys. (CS)
Schwartz's 3895 St-Laurent I once heard this chick order a "lean" sandwich, a diet coke, and then asked if there was salad. moron. (JW)
coco rico's 3907 St-Laurent portuguese roast chicken. I'm a sucker for the potatoes, roasted with rotating chickens dripping on them. (JW)
Réservoir 9, avenue Duluth Est I met you for its beer, I now also know it for your brunch. The dishes are tiny, but pack so many flavours in them (I had scrambled eggs with morels coated with truffles oil, and my buddies had crepes, and a gravlax sandwich with a slightly boiled egg). Kind of far from any metro station, however, so we are better off taking the 55 from St-Laurent, or get ready for a good walk from Sherbrooke. (CS)
rotisserie portugalia 34, rue Rachel O. yummy portuguese grilled chicken, but you have to order 1.5 hours ahead or before noon on weekends. (514-282-1519) corner clark & rachel. (JW)

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