Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...



name address description
L'Entrecôte St-Jean 2022, Rue Peel Stripped-down menu that puts the emphasis on steak and fries, French bistro-style. (CS)
café ferreira 1446, rue Peel fantastic portuguese seafood restaurant, if you have the $$$. (JW)
Mister Steer 1198 Ste Catherine O sandwiched between two strip clubs, this place offers steaks, spheroid hamburger patties & curly fries. I feel like I've gone back in time at least 3 decades when I enter the door. (JW) The curly fries are fantastic, but I'd ask them to cook my hamburger a little more next time (they're so thick that the meat was raw in the middle for "medium"). (CS)
Higuma 1216, rue Stanley The soy sauce was too light, and that is a big no-no in my book. The broth of the shrimp tempura soba was surprisingly (and annoyingly) sweet. (CS)
Zen Restaurant 1050, Sherbrooke Ouest Hyped by many friends, but doesn't live up to its reputation. I knew it, that it was going to be fake Chinese food, especially the Peking Duck, which they serve the meat rather than the skin for wrap and rolling. The staff is chatty and friendly, but 32$ (42$ with taxes/service) is vastly overpriced, even if it's all-you-can-order. (CS)

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