Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...



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Fondue Mentale 4325, Rue St-Denis Serves fondue, as the name indicates, whether it be bouguignonne (hot oil), swiss (cheese and wine), or chinese (soup). Venisons and dauphinoise potatoes can be served on the side. It's rather chic, and they dim the lights. Choco fondue for dessert could be nice, but your stomach (and wallet) might disagree. (CS)
Club Espagnol du Québec 4388, boulevard Saint-Laurent Tapas and one of the best paellas ever eaten, with juicy pieces of chicken, seafood, and squid ink for a nice color finish. (CS)
Patati Patata 4177, boulevard St-Laurent Delicious tiny teeny patates frites. (photo) (CS)
Le Piton de la Fournaise 835, avenue Duluth Est Has a cari shark, where cari is not curry, but rather a spicy herbs-based sauce. The dessert was a rich and stomach-expanding sweet potato home recipe pie served with a fizz of fresh cream and freshmint leaves that I would pleasantly bite on between each bite of pie. (CS)
Épicerie Andes Boulevard St-Laurent, near Avenue Mont-Royal A Latino American grocery store on St-Laurent, south of Mont-Royal. Its cafeteria sells pupusas, churros, tamales, etc. (CS)
Harmonie d'Asie 65, Duluth Est You won't find phở on the menu of this viet restaurant. The raw beef salad (seasoned w/ a lemon + pepper dressing) and the fish with a sweet fish sauce are must-trys. (CS)
Chez Doval 150, rue Marie-Anne Est Portuguese grill: have grilled chicken or fish, but as much as possible, stay away from clams and pork, which is more exotic, but may be too salty/strong for most palates. (CS)
la chileñita 64 Marie-Anne O small place known for their empanadas, empanadas and more empanadas, but I like their (huge) burrito. (JW)
Dusty's 4510, avenue du Parc Known for its rather standard breakfasts, the real highlight here is the fresh and satisfying $4.75+tx hamburger special, which includes fries, coleslaw and a drink. The McDonald's next door has nothing on this. (CDW)
L'Avenue du Plateau 922, avenue du Mont Royal Est L'Avenue's omelette: four eggs of decadence. (CS)
Ouzeri 4690, rue St-Denis Not your Prince-Arthur street greek. We went with a gang of 12 people and let our Greek friend order. And shared the dishes - seemingly, not only the Chinese like to share their meals at the center of the table! There were all sorts of grilled meats, the mandatory fried calamari, lots of ouzo on the table. The feta flambé (apparently not feta, but some harder cheese, was I told) was the evening show (photos). (CS)
rotisserie portugalia 34, rue Rachel O. yummy portuguese grilled chicken, but you have to order 1.5 hours ahead or before noon on weekends. (514-282-1519) corner clark & rachel. (JW)
Ginza 4593, rue Saint-Denis In the world of sushi buffets, Ginza has a variety of dishes rivaling any à la carte restaurant (by the way, who still goes to non-buffet places?). Find your usual sushi, but also Japanese-style appetizers like shrimp tempura, seaweed salad and miso soup, and even Chinese-style ones like giant mussel with "cheese" (more like mayo) and peanut-butter sauce dumplings. A little more expensive on Friday and Saturday (26-27$?), but you also get tuna sashimi and soy wrap sushis that are not available during the week (20$). Service was a little slow, but allows you to enjoy your meal. (CS)
la Banquise 994 Rachel Est 24-h poutine! at least a dozen kinds. techno music to keep the post-clubbing crowd awake. (JW)
Ramen-Ya 4274 Boulevard St-Laurent Woaw, a ramen place in Montreal! And they make the real thing! Absolutely don't go there for the sushi (not that I tried it). (CS)

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