Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...



name address description
La Maison de Kebab 820 Avenue Atwater A persian restaurant. It's been a while that I went there, and the savory rice was all I could remember. We can also order middle eastern yogurt drinks there. (CS)
Marché Atwater 138, avenue Atwater Generally overpriced, but you can get 3 wheels of cheese for $10. (JW)
Toi Moi et Café 2695, rue Notre-Dame Ouest Their food is unexpectedly fancy, I usually have the duck or the big pile of veggies with lemon and pine nuts. The coffee is fair-trade and different on most days, very good. The wait-staff will fill up your coffee until you have a heart attack though, so mind how much you end up drinking! (SW)

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