Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...



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Chocolaterie Geneviève Grandbois 162, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest Didn't try the chocolates, but liquid chocolate is the $2.75 + tx for the tiny dose (4 to 6 oz) of chocopleasure. (CS)
Keur Fatou 66, St-Viateur Ouest To be eating African in a North American city sounds exotic, but it is a bit disappointing in practice. The meals are tasty and exotic, and one of the stews had sweet potatoes, while another consisted of fish. But the portions were too small, way too small... Too calm on weekdays - apparently it gets much more animated on weekends. (CS)
Restaurant Berlin 101, avenue Fairmount Ouest German restaurant on the plateau with excellent winter dishes, such as the pork knuckle, sausages with sauerkraut, and the Wiener schnitzel. Down it with a pint of imported beer. (CS)
I thought the oom-pah music was spaßig. (JW)
leméac 1045 Laurier O. chic (but good) french restaurant that would normally be pricey but for the $22 table d'hôte after 10 pm. fabulous. (JW)
café esperanza 5490 St-Laurent my new favourite cafe. renovated from an old-school pharmacy, it's a large wonderful space with wonderfully large windows... perfect for reading. vegan friendly. metro rosemont is closer, but hard to find a way to walk from there. (JW) just across from where I worked, I used to walk pass Café Esperanza on every single day, amazed by its fabulous setting straight out of a garage sale.(CS)
café olympico 124, rue St-Viateur O great espresso. run by old italians. relaxed and non-pretentious, down to the good old plain glasses they use for your coffee. the waiter asks how many spoons of sugar and stirs it in for you. (JW)
Euro Deli Batory 115, Saint-Viateur O You're broke? No problem. The most expensive item on the menu of this tiny Polish grocery-café is $12 and that's for two people. The bigos --- sauerkraut and kielbasa sausage --- is delicious. The soups are the perfect remedy for the winter blues. (CDW)
arts café 201, Fairmount O. there's a giant stained-glass wheel suspended from the ceiling, what else do you need? (pic) ilesansfil.
Ouzeri 4690, rue St-Denis Not your Prince-Arthur street greek. We went with a gang of 12 people and let our Greek friend order. And shared the dishes - seemingly, not only the Chinese like to share their meals at the center of the table! There were all sorts of grilled meats, the mandatory fried calamari, lots of ouzo on the table. The feta flambé (apparently not feta, but some harder cheese, was I told) was the evening show (photos). (CS)

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