Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...



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Le Paris 1812, Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest A somewhat more traditional type of French restaurant, that doesn't necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. "Hearty" describes its dishes pretty well. The mashed potatoes are exquisitely buttery. Pear in "red wine" for dessert. (CS) (photo)
The table-d'hôte was nothing special. (JW)
Lu Mama 1858, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest Such intimate ambiance, dim lights, for such conventional eatery food. Something's not right, but it doesn't matter, because a nice décor makes anything taste better. The Taiwanese-style sticky rice is really a must-try, so are the cheese mussels (it's probably mayo). (CS) (photo)
Fusion Sushi 1618, avenue Lincoln The only conveyor belt sushi bar in Montreal known to mankind. (CS)
La Maison du Nord 2130, rue St-Mathieu Opened by people from Shanxi province in China. The décor is super-bland, but it teaches you to appreciate simplicity in life. The pork sandwich, a sort of Chinese panini with pork meat, fat and fresh coriander in a crispy pancake-like bread, and is the house specialty. Telly permanently playing historical soaps in Mandarin. (CS)
al-taïb 2125 Guy the popular concordia lebanese fast-food joint. veggie friendly. an all-dressed manakish hits the spot. good pizza slices. (JW)
Boustan 2020A Crescent god forbid should you find yourself on crescent street, but at least you can find a yummy shish taouk here. service is slow though, for a fast-food place. (JW)
Kanda Sushi 2045 Rue Bishop All you can eat sushi with three branches in the Greater Montreal Area, with the original one located on Bishop, across from the Concordia Hall Building. For a sushi buffet, the sushi is surprisingly good. If you're in to try and break even with the ownership, go for the sashimi (dare inscribing "tuna" next to the choices they give you) and stay away from sushi pizza and other sushi with fried stuff. (CS)
Restaurant du Bonheur 1441, rue St-Mathieu Formerly known under the dreamy name of "Ravioli de Manchuria", Le Restaurant du Bonheur got a heck of a facelift during winter 2006-07. We frequently went there for its dumplings, but their quality wouldn't cease to decline since the restaurant's opening circa 2003. (CS)
première moisson 1490, Sherbrooke O I can never resist entering when I walk by. buttery, flaky, triangle-y apple turnovers precipitating coarse crystals of sugar. excellent breads. (JW)
Bagel Place 1616 Ste-Catherine O. fresh bagels and downtown. at west entrance of the faubourg. (JW)
Qing Hua Yuan 青花苑 1240, Rue Saint-Marc Small Chinese hole in the wall. Incredible variety of handwrapped dumplings. Beef noodles (also handmade) are the must-have. They are Lanzhou-style lamian noodles in a slightly spicy soup sprinkled with chopped coriander, served with slices of beef. Was a little too salty however.(CS)

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