Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...



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Pho Lien 5703, avenue Côte-des-Neiges The phở served there is one of the most well-presented in the city. Rare beef, sliced extremely thin, and placed directly over the noodles at the interface between the soup and ambient air makes the beef slices cook on the side and raw in the center - until you mix the whole thing up, that is. The rice cakes w/ eggs is a house specialty you can't find elsewhere. (CS)
most popular place on the block. my mom likes their phở. closed tuesdays. (JW)
le Duc de Lorraine 5002 Côte-des-Neiges supposedly one of the best french pâtisseries in town (and who am I to dispute that?). complete with snarky serveuses and silver-haired patrons. (JW)

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