Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...

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Jean-Talon Los Planes 531, Rue Bélanger E. Go for their pupusas.(CS)
Guy-Concordia Qing Hua Yuan 青花苑 1240, Rue Saint-Marc Small Chinese hole in the wall. Incredible variety of handwrapped dumplings. Beef noodles (also handmade) are the must-have. They are Lanzhou-style lamian noodles in a slightly spicy soup sprinkled with chopped coriander, served with slices of beef. Was a little too salty however.(CS)
Guy-Concordia Le Paris 1812, Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest A somewhat more traditional type of French restaurant, that doesn't necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. "Hearty" describes its dishes pretty well. The mashed potatoes are exquisitely buttery. Pear in "red wine" for dessert. (CS) (photo)
The table-d'hôte was nothing special. (JW)
Snowdon Hyang Jin 5332, chemin Queen-Mary Hyang Jin advertises as a Japanese restaurant, but it does hide an excellent Korean menu, which we drew from. I had a honest bibim bap (I've been craving for one for the past week), while my friend had a fish/cabbage/tofu soup. It ended up 17$ each, all included. (CS)
Acadie Rotisserie Panama 789 rue Jean-Talon Ouest Greek restaurant in Parc-Ex. Large large portions! (CS)

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