Le chemin le plus court vers son estomac passe par le métro... | The shortest path to one's stomach passes by the metro...

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Halal 786 768 rue Jean-Talon Ouest Said to be the best Pakistani restaurant in Montreal. Grilled fish, curries, mango lassi... (CS)
Rotisserie Panama 789 rue Jean-Talon Ouest Greek restaurant in Parc-Ex. Large large portions! (CS)


La Maison du Bulgogi 2127, rue Ste-Catherine Korean restaurant. Bulgogi is a beef dish. The bibimbap (rice, egg, meat and julienne veggies cooked on a hot stone dish) isn't bad, but one goes there for those large meat and kimchi spicy soups in the wintertime. (CS)


La Piazzetta 1101, rue Ste-Catherine E Very satisfying square pizzas. I had a Westphalia (boletes sauce, Westphalie ham, mozz + swiss cheese, mushrooms, green onions, five pepper) for lunch once. (CS)
La Diva 1273, boulevard René-Lévesque E We had our Christmas party there this year. There was a nice short old man in a cook outfit going around during cocktail to serve us freshly-made brushetta. The meal was a table d'hôte, but I wasn't hungry, so chose a cute little pasta dish, fusilis I believe, in a rosee sauce. The old man let me walk into their kitchen to see the end of the Canadiens game. (CS)


La Paryse 302, Rue Ontario Est Renowned for its hamburger w/ fries, it has been many times voted the best of its kind in Montreal. Even if size doesn't matter, it's worth ordering a double w/ cheese and bacon. (CS)
juliette & chocolat 1615 rue St Denis chocoholics, meet your match: here they serve the most varied & rich hot chocolates you'll ever find. also serves crêpes. (JW)
café l'utopik 552 Ste-Catherine E. I love this café. upside: the character. hard-to-find entrance leads up rickety stairs into a cluster of salons where people just... hang out. organic-hippie. live music in the evenings. free wifi (ilesansfil). downside: coffee ain't great. (JW)


Pho Lien 5703, avenue Côte-des-Neiges The phở served there is one of the most well-presented in the city. Rare beef, sliced extremely thin, and placed directly over the noodles at the interface between the soup and ambient air makes the beef slices cook on the side and raw in the center - until you mix the whole thing up, that is. The rice cakes w/ eggs is a house specialty you can't find elsewhere. (CS)
most popular place on the block. my mom likes their phở. closed tuesdays. (JW)
le Duc de Lorraine 5002 Côte-des-Neiges supposedly one of the best french pâtisseries in town (and who am I to dispute that?). complete with snarky serveuses and silver-haired patrons. (JW)


Restaurant Jolee 5495A Victoria, Snowdon south indian & sri lankan food. be prepared to be the only ones sitting down, but with a constant stream of people ordering take out. oh, and also a constant stream of bollywood videos on the two tvs. love the kotu roti (and when they say spicy, they don't mean white-person spicy). (JW)
Pearl of Manila 5839, Boulevard Decarie Good place to sample a little bit of everything of filipino Cuisine. On weekdays it's a take-out counter, on weekends it's a buffet for only 8$ (taxes incluses). (AY)


Marché Hawaï 1999, boulevard Marcel-Laurin The only real Asian supermarket in Montreal. You will be able to find kitchenware, all the instant noodles brands sold in this country, live aquatic and amphibious animals, frozen Chinese pancakes. (photo) (CS)
Decarie Hot Dogs 953, Boulevard Décarie A one-counter diner resto, long known for serving some of tastiest and greasiest poutines and fries to local Vanier students. Steamies are also available. (AY)


Coin du Mexique 2489, Rue Jean-Talon Est Le Coin du Mexique (Corner of Mexico) is not your usual Tex-Mex restaurant. Tacos, there were, but not served the way you'd imagine it. Rather, you have the crunchy tortilla lying on a small plate, with the stuff on it - meat, cheese and lettuce. Don't miss the cactus salad and enchilada w/ spicy chocolate sauce, or that funky rice drink. (CS)

De Castelnau

Marché Jean-Talon 7070, rue Henri-Julien  
caffè italia 6840 St Laurent absolutely fantastic espresso! in little italy of course. simple cold-cut sandwiches on ciabatta. lots of old italians. (JW)

De L'Église

Les Délices de l'île Maurice 272, Hickson Mauritian food is a fusion of Creole, Indian and Chinese flavours (the chef looks like he's ethnic Chinese himself). Fried veggies in entree, some ragoûts and even delicious quails on the spoken menu (paper is for fools). If Monsieur Sylvestre is in a good mood, he has some delicious plum-flavoured rum to keep you longer. (CS)

De La Concorde

La Concorde 608, boulevard de la Concorde Nice Italian bakery with a variety of takeaway sweet and savoury food, including pizza. The strudels, drizzled in icing and perfectly flaky, are good. Also functions as something of a grocery store with a variety of gourmet goods. (CDW)


Le Paris 1812, Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest A somewhat more traditional type of French restaurant, that doesn't necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. "Hearty" describes its dishes pretty well. The mashed potatoes are exquisitely buttery. Pear in "red wine" for dessert. (CS) (photo)
The table-d'hôte was nothing special. (JW)
Lu Mama 1858, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest Such intimate ambiance, dim lights, for such conventional eatery food. Something's not right, but it doesn't matter, because a nice décor makes anything taste better. The Taiwanese-style sticky rice is really a must-try, so are the cheese mussels (it's probably mayo). (CS) (photo)
Fusion Sushi 1618, avenue Lincoln The only conveyor belt sushi bar in Montreal known to mankind. (CS)
La Maison du Nord 2130, rue St-Mathieu Opened by people from Shanxi province in China. The décor is super-bland, but it teaches you to appreciate simplicity in life. The pork sandwich, a sort of Chinese panini with pork meat, fat and fresh coriander in a crispy pancake-like bread, and is the house specialty. Telly permanently playing historical soaps in Mandarin. (CS)
al-taïb 2125 Guy the popular concordia lebanese fast-food joint. veggie friendly. an all-dressed manakish hits the spot. good pizza slices. (JW)
Boustan 2020A Crescent god forbid should you find yourself on crescent street, but at least you can find a yummy shish taouk here. service is slow though, for a fast-food place. (JW)
Kanda Sushi 2045 Rue Bishop All you can eat sushi with three branches in the Greater Montreal Area, with the original one located on Bishop, across from the Concordia Hall Building. For a sushi buffet, the sushi is surprisingly good. If you're in to try and break even with the ownership, go for the sashimi (dare inscribing "tuna" next to the choices they give you) and stay away from sushi pizza and other sushi with fried stuff. (CS)
Restaurant du Bonheur 1441, rue St-Mathieu Formerly known under the dreamy name of "Ravioli de Manchuria", Le Restaurant du Bonheur got a heck of a facelift during winter 2006-07. We frequently went there for its dumplings, but their quality wouldn't cease to decline since the restaurant's opening circa 2003. (CS)
première moisson 1490, Sherbrooke O I can never resist entering when I walk by. buttery, flaky, triangle-y apple turnovers precipitating coarse crystals of sugar. excellent breads. (JW)
Bagel Place 1616 Ste-Catherine O. fresh bagels and downtown. at west entrance of the faubourg. (JW)
Qing Hua Yuan 青花苑 1240, Rue Saint-Marc Small Chinese hole in the wall. Incredible variety of handwrapped dumplings. Beef noodles (also handmade) are the must-have. They are Lanzhou-style lamian noodles in a slightly spicy soup sprinkled with chopped coriander, served with slices of beef. Was a little too salty however.(CS)


El Jibaro 7183, rue St-Hubert Peruvian and "international" restaurant. The milk-based rice and tomatoes soup that I had seemed to pale in front of the enormous shrimp brochette plates with rice that other people ordered. Has a twin a couple of doors to the north. (CS)
Los Planes 531, Rue Bélanger E. Go for their pupusas.(CS)


Chocolaterie Geneviève Grandbois 162, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest Didn't try the chocolates, but liquid chocolate is the $2.75 + tx for the tiny dose (4 to 6 oz) of chocopleasure. (CS)
Keur Fatou 66, St-Viateur Ouest To be eating African in a North American city sounds exotic, but it is a bit disappointing in practice. The meals are tasty and exotic, and one of the stews had sweet potatoes, while another consisted of fish. But the portions were too small, way too small... Too calm on weekdays - apparently it gets much more animated on weekends. (CS)
Restaurant Berlin 101, avenue Fairmount Ouest German restaurant on the plateau with excellent winter dishes, such as the pork knuckle, sausages with sauerkraut, and the Wiener schnitzel. Down it with a pint of imported beer. (CS)
I thought the oom-pah music was spaßig. (JW)
leméac 1045 Laurier O. chic (but good) french restaurant that would normally be pricey but for the $22 table d'hôte after 10 pm. fabulous. (JW)
café esperanza 5490 St-Laurent my new favourite cafe. renovated from an old-school pharmacy, it's a large wonderful space with wonderfully large windows... perfect for reading. vegan friendly. metro rosemont is closer, but hard to find a way to walk from there. (JW) just across from where I worked, I used to walk pass Café Esperanza on every single day, amazed by its fabulous setting straight out of a garage sale.(CS)
café olympico 124, rue St-Viateur O great espresso. run by old italians. relaxed and non-pretentious, down to the good old plain glasses they use for your coffee. the waiter asks how many spoons of sugar and stirs it in for you. (JW)
Euro Deli Batory 115, Saint-Viateur O You're broke? No problem. The most expensive item on the menu of this tiny Polish grocery-café is $12 and that's for two people. The bigos --- sauerkraut and kielbasa sausage --- is delicious. The soups are the perfect remedy for the winter blues. (CDW)
arts café 201, Fairmount O. there's a giant stained-glass wheel suspended from the ceiling, what else do you need? (pic) ilesansfil.
Ouzeri 4690, rue St-Denis Not your Prince-Arthur street greek. We went with a gang of 12 people and let our Greek friend order. And shared the dishes - seemingly, not only the Chinese like to share their meals at the center of the table! There were all sorts of grilled meats, the mandatory fried calamari, lots of ouzo on the table. The feta flambé (apparently not feta, but some harder cheese, was I told) was the evening show (photos). (CS)


La Maison de Kebab 820 Avenue Atwater A persian restaurant. It's been a while that I went there, and the savory rice was all I could remember. We can also order middle eastern yogurt drinks there. (CS)
Marché Atwater 138, avenue Atwater Generally overpriced, but you can get 3 wheels of cheese for $10. (JW)
Toi Moi et Café 2695, rue Notre-Dame Ouest Their food is unexpectedly fancy, I usually have the duck or the big pile of veggies with lemon and pine nuts. The coffee is fair-trade and different on most days, very good. The wait-staff will fill up your coffee until you have a heart attack though, so mind how much you end up drinking! (SW)


Restaurant Émile Bertrand 1308 Rue Notre-Dame O Best known for its homemade spruce beer, Restaurant Émile Bertrand is located on a backstreet crossing Rue Notre-Dame. It is a rather typical grease pit joint, serving hot dogs, michigans (I think), french fries and hamburgers. Seems to have undergone more renovations in fall 2006, as it was closed on the few times I attempted to return my empty bottles. (CS)


Les 3 Brasseurs (Centre-Ville) 732, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest White beer is for snobs, but we still love it. The flamm is an excuse to parade thin-crust pizza as French and serve it under a fancy name (although by no means does this make flamm un-delicious). (CS)


Fondue Mentale 4325, Rue St-Denis Serves fondue, as the name indicates, whether it be bouguignonne (hot oil), swiss (cheese and wine), or chinese (soup). Venisons and dauphinoise potatoes can be served on the side. It's rather chic, and they dim the lights. Choco fondue for dessert could be nice, but your stomach (and wallet) might disagree. (CS)
Club Espagnol du Québec 4388, boulevard Saint-Laurent Tapas and one of the best paellas ever eaten, with juicy pieces of chicken, seafood, and squid ink for a nice color finish. (CS)
Patati Patata 4177, boulevard St-Laurent Delicious tiny teeny patates frites. (photo) (CS)
Le Piton de la Fournaise 835, avenue Duluth Est Has a cari shark, where cari is not curry, but rather a spicy herbs-based sauce. The dessert was a rich and stomach-expanding sweet potato home recipe pie served with a fizz of fresh cream and freshmint leaves that I would pleasantly bite on between each bite of pie. (CS)
Épicerie Andes Boulevard St-Laurent, near Avenue Mont-Royal A Latino American grocery store on St-Laurent, south of Mont-Royal. Its cafeteria sells pupusas, churros, tamales, etc. (CS)
Harmonie d'Asie 65, Duluth Est You won't find phở on the menu of this viet restaurant. The raw beef salad (seasoned w/ a lemon + pepper dressing) and the fish with a sweet fish sauce are must-trys. (CS)
Chez Doval 150, rue Marie-Anne Est Portuguese grill: have grilled chicken or fish, but as much as possible, stay away from clams and pork, which is more exotic, but may be too salty/strong for most palates. (CS)
la chileñita 64 Marie-Anne O small place known for their empanadas, empanadas and more empanadas, but I like their (huge) burrito. (JW)
Dusty's 4510, avenue du Parc Known for its rather standard breakfasts, the real highlight here is the fresh and satisfying $4.75+tx hamburger special, which includes fries, coleslaw and a drink. The McDonald's next door has nothing on this. (CDW)
L'Avenue du Plateau 922, avenue du Mont Royal Est L'Avenue's omelette: four eggs of decadence. (CS)
rotisserie portugalia 34, rue Rachel O. yummy portuguese grilled chicken, but you have to order 1.5 hours ahead or before noon on weekends. (514-282-1519) corner clark & rachel. (JW)
la Banquise 994 Rachel Est 24-h poutine! at least a dozen kinds. techno music to keep the post-clubbing crowd awake. (JW)
Ginza 4593, rue Saint-Denis In the world of sushi buffets, Ginza has a variety of dishes rivaling any à la carte restaurant (by the way, who still goes to non-buffet places?). Find your usual sushi, but also Japanese-style appetizers like shrimp tempura, seaweed salad and miso soup, and even Chinese-style ones like giant mussel with "cheese" (more like mayo) and peanut-butter sauce dumplings. A little more expensive on Friday and Saturday (26-27$?), but you also get tuna sashimi and soy wrap sushis that are not available during the week (20$). Service was a little slow, but allows you to enjoy your meal. (CS)
Ramen-Ya 4274 Boulevard St-Laurent Woaw, a ramen place in Montreal! And they make the real thing! Absolutely don't go there for the sushi (not that I tried it). (CS)


orange julep 7700 Boul. Décarie big. orange. (JW)
Pushap 5195 rue Paré indian. cheap. veggie. GOOD. lots of sweets. (JW)


Bilboquet 1311, avenue Outremont One of the best ice cream parlors in Montreal. Their sorbets are made with real fruit puree. Expect huge lineups on clear midsummer days. (CS)
Navarino 5563, avenue du Parc Lively neighbourhood feel. Main attraction is the impressive and inexpensive collection of pastries, freshly-made sandwiches and salads. Points for the Greek specialties: baklava, melomakarona and spanakopita. (CDW)
Milani 227, Bernard O. Tiny resto run by a friendly Vietnamese couple. Unfortunately, the food --- mostly soups and stir-frys --- is bland and unremarkable. (CDW)


spirite lounge 1205, rue Ontario Est delicious vegan with an eclectic no-waste concept: you *must* finish your meal (or you don't get dessert). (JW)
Au Petit Extra 1690, rue Ontario Est It's a great bistro-style restaurant, always well-packed with a joyous, loud crowd. (CS)


L'Entrecôte St-Jean 2022, Rue Peel Stripped-down menu that puts the emphasis on steak and fries, French bistro-style. (CS)
café ferreira 1446, rue Peel fantastic portuguese seafood restaurant, if you have the $$$. (JW)
Mister Steer 1198 Ste Catherine O sandwiched between two strip clubs, this place offers steaks, spheroid hamburger patties & curly fries. I feel like I've gone back in time at least 3 decades when I enter the door. (JW) The curly fries are fantastic, but I'd ask them to cook my hamburger a little more next time (they're so thick that the meat was raw in the middle for "medium"). (CS)
Higuma 1216, rue Stanley The soy sauce was too light, and that is a big no-no in my book. The broth of the shrimp tempura soba was surprisingly (and annoyingly) sweet. (CS)
Zen Restaurant 1050, Sherbrooke Ouest Hyped by many friends, but doesn't live up to its reputation. I knew it, that it was going to be fake Chinese food, especially the Peking Duck, which they serve the meat rather than the skin for wrap and rolling. The staff is chatty and friendly, but 32$ (42$ with taxes/service) is vastly overpriced, even if it's all-you-can-order. (CS)


Xiao Fei Yang 50 de la Gauchetière O Xiao Fei Yang is a chain of hot pot restaurants from Mainland China. Upon entering, you immediately get the feel of this type of classy restaurants that you only find in Asia and large Chinatowns. Hot pots can be individual or collective, depending on the table you get, and spicy or not, with optional "medicinal" herbs. 15-25$/person, all you can eat. Besides the decor and presentation, the hot-pot itself is rather ordinary and can be found elsewhere for cheaper. Don't wear new clothes: you will smell like garlic/herbs by the time you get out. (CS) (photo)
"little fatty sheep". I like the theme song on their website. (JW)
Niu Kee 1163, Rue Clark Northern Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Chinatown. Apparently, there's a new chef there since mid-2006, also from Henan province, from which the former chef came from. (CS) run by an ex-peking opera star, this place is one of the few non-canto places in chinatown, offering up dishes you can find everywhere in beijing (although confusingly the english transliteration "niukee" is cantonese). have the 麻辣 (with sichuan peppercorns & cumin) lamb or beef. (JW)
Dobe & Andy 1111, rue Saint-Urbain Suite 12 Chinese pastries, and your typical Hong Kong-style eatery (BBQ pork and roasted pork w/ rice is vanilla there). An iced HK-style milk tea to go is great for a walk in Chinatown in the summer. I think that the egg tarts they sell there are the same delicious ones with a flaky crust that they serve at Kam Fung at dim sum time.
Restaurant Hong Kong 1023, boulevard St-Laurent Their char siu (BBQ pork) to go is the best in Montreal. One of the few restaurants (the only that I know of in Chinatown) that is a restaurant, as well as a Hong Kong-style cold cuts place at the same time, and a favourite since early childhood. (CS)
Yu Hang 400, boulevard René-Lévesque A typical hot-pot place on the main floor of an anonymous hotel building. The hot-pot can be "sichuan-style" (after the chinese province), which basically means super numbing spicy style. Unexpensive all you can eat, and ideal for a good time with friends. (CS)
olive & gourmando 351 rue Saint-Paul O fantastic sandwiches and tantalizing bakery, in old montreal. the most delectable sugar-encrusted vanilla bean palmier.
restaurant uyghur 1017 Boul. St-Laurent our favourite (well maybe only) xinjiang restaurant in town. order some lamb kebabs, a summer salad, and you're good to go. the hotpot ain't bad either. (JW)
kam fung 1111, St-Urbain on the second floor you'll find one of the more popular spots for dim sum in chinatown. downstairs they have a hong kong style bbq eatery too. (JW) Chinese egg tarts are an adaptation of Portuguese natas. You must absolutely try those at Kam Fung at dim sum hour, which are served to you fresh out of the oven (the waitress carries them around the restaurant on a shiny baking plate). Easily beats those from any Chinese bakery in town. (CS)
hoang oanh 1071 St-Laurent "chinatown" seems mostly full of vietnamese places, including this shop that only serves banh mi (vietnamese subs) and snacks. mmmm. (JW)
chez bong 1021 St-Laurent great korean place: fried dumplings, veggie tempura, kimchi stew, and BBQ--all yummy! (JW)
idée magique 30 de la Gauchetière O. popular bubble tea place in chinatown. features j-pop, c-pop, whatever-pop on big-screen tvs. free wifi. (JW)


Isakaya 3469, avenue du parc Isakaya (or actually, "Izakaya") means "pub" in Japanese and this one also seems managed by people of Japanese origin. Try the ramen noodles - they might be bought from the Korean grocery nearby, but they're still the best you can find in this town. If you are curious one day, try the Japanese menu, which is cheaper also. (CS)
La Pâtisserie Belge 3485 Parc a shining light amongst the sea of crappiness that is the mcgill ghetto: a delightful bakery and pastry shop. I swear they only hire staff that can speak french with a snooty accent (no doubt to simulate a truly european experience). (JW)


Fiesta Pilipino 5980, Avenue Victoria Apparently, it is no typo. This small, quaint little shop is the longest lasting Filipino bakery in Montreal. It's the home of an authentic, pork filled Shau Pow (Hot bun), whose unique taste rivals the buns of Chinatown. (AY)
The taro-cheese buns make for good potlucks, for those who've never seen them before (they're bright purple). (JW)


Senzala 177 Rue Bernard Ouest Brazillian restaurant. Poached eggs are not the greatest, but a fruit-rich brunch (my eggs were on mango, with a cheese gratin) makes up for it. Don't have the steak + poached eggs. There's another branch on Mont-Royal E, I think. (CS)


Odaki Sushi 3977, St-Laurent Competitor to Kanda, as one of the two sushi buffets one can find in downtown Montreal. It initially edged Kanda by offering a large range of side dishes, such as noodles. The sushi isn't bad at all, but at the price you pay, you almost might as well go to a regular sushi joint. (CS)
Ong Ca Can 79, rue Ste-Catherine Est No phở, and you will find some pretty interesting Vietnamese dishes you can't find elsewhere. (CS)
Réservoir 9, avenue Duluth Est I met you for its beer, I now also know it for your brunch. The dishes are tiny, but pack so many flavours in them (I had scrambled eggs with morels coated with truffles oil, and my buddies had crepes, and a gravlax sandwich with a slightly boiled egg). Kind of far from any metro station, however, so we are better off taking the 55 from St-Laurent, or get ready for a good walk from Sherbrooke. (CS)


Chez Jose 173, Duluth East They have a tomato and blue cheese soup on Thursday, and seafood soup on weekends. Bland, surely homemade. (CS)
Schwartz's 3895 St-Laurent I once heard this chick order a "lean" sandwich, a diet coke, and then asked if there was salad. moron. (JW)
coco rico's 3907 St-Laurent portuguese roast chicken. I'm a sucker for the potatoes, roasted with rotating chickens dripping on them. (JW)


Rockaberry (Queen-Mary) 5390, chemin Queen-Mary For an instant diabetes, go to Rockaberry. Well-known for its pies, the apple crumb is my personal favourite. (CS)
Restaurant Les Nouilles (BBQ Coréen) 5248, chemin Queen Mary Owned by Chinese, this Korean barbecue is in fact a buffet (like anything Asian owned by Chinese, like Kanda/Odaki). You can eat and drink all that you can. Included in the deal, Korean side dishes (kimchi, beans, potatoes, etc), meats. The meat sometimes tastes funny, and I'm not sure if it's the marinade or the fridge. The chrysanthemum drink is really super (sweet), especially after all that meat scorching through your throat. (CS)
Ditto. $15. (JW)
java u 5120 chemin Queen-Mary ok, ok, I normally try to stay away from chains, but I do like their 'septième ciel' cake. (JW)
café exception 5039 Queen-Mary Trendy pâtisserie/bistro with a predominantly jewish clientele (it seems). nice looking pastries and great lighting for reading. open until 11--except when closed for shabbat. (JW)
Hyang Jin 5332, chemin Queen-Mary Hyang Jin advertises as a Japanese restaurant, but it does hide an excellent Korean menu, which we drew from. I had a honest bibim bap (I've been craving for one for the past week), while my friend had a fish/cabbage/tofu soup. It ended up 17$ each, all included. (CS)


Seoul 5030 Sherbrooke O Decent korean bbq, IMO better than Korea House on Queen Mary. (JW)
Copoli 5181 De Maisonneuve Boulevard Ouest The famed giant burger, 8 inches across and cut into quarters for ease of eating is here in several varieties: hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken burger and grilled chicken. Also worth trying are their fabulous pizzas and seriously overloaded subs. Fries are perfectly done in a city that is hit and miss on fries, but don't bother with their oily salads or pastas: it's impossible to eat healthy here so you may as well not bother. (CT)
cosmos 5843 Sherbrooke O. I once saw a documentary on this tiny breakfast diner, entitled "man of grease". I fell in cholesterol-laden love. (JW)

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